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In line with Rebate2Earth's goal of minimizing plastic bags disposal, the Banners 2 Bags team is trying to reduce plastic consumption on campus --- through giving new life to used banners.

Each year, NUS consumes and disposes a large amount of PVC banners --- think NUS Open House and NUS Arts Festival. This does not only contribute to climate change through the manufacture of the banners, but also creates a long lasting predicament in the form of PVC plastic waste. We have hence come up with a not-so-novel solution, by collecting the used banners and sewing them into reusable daily items!

This banners-to-bags idea has been implemented throughout the environmentally conscious world, and we think it is high time the people of NUS joined the cause. Using the banners we've collected diligently and unyieldingly throughout the past semester, we sought and have found a strong ally to our noble cause, the Women's Awareness Club.

So here is where YOU can play your important part in this grand scheme of events. As we are still in the initial stage of preparation, please click HERE to help us with a short survey. Your feedback would be invaluable to us, and for the planet.

Here is the list of products kindly made by WAC.
Check it out!

On behalf of the Earth and its denizens, we are grateful for your contribution.


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